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Level up your Firm's Style and Swagger

We will guide you in a step-by-step process that helps you level up your firm's style and digital brand.

This challenge will take 30 minutes over 3 days.

Afterwards you will have a guide to share with new hires and freelancers containing all the details that they need to know to give you great results, with fewer revisions and closer to your vision.

See Calendar for next date

We're looking for REAL Fiduciaries.  We work with CFP® Pros and Registered Investment Advisors who want to serve their clients with their hearts on their sleeves and their intentions clearly defined.

If you want to help your partners, freelancers, and employees feel more motivated to work for you, this CHALLENGE will give you the single most important resource to making your work with these people reliable.  

Set your freelancers up right to give you incredible work!

All in 90 Minutes.

And for a fraction of what we normally charge for this service.

We stand with Fiduciary CFP® Pros

What Students are saying

"Your timing was excellent, and I am grateful to you and your ever so competent and adorable team. Having a team like you guys is probably more than I deserve, and I am grateful for your excellent work and support."

~Charlotte Mabry, Delphi Wealth Management

"It's a lot of value. It will enlighten you that you should not go alone, and the devils in the details and you'll learn that you know, much of the details and you'll learn that you'll you shouldn't try to be a pro on your own."

~Steve Martin, Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors

"Your exercise has really helped me identify some of those particulars that we all need to be aware of"

~Thomas K. Belding, CFP®, President at Thomas K. Belding LLC

"It's extremely helpful, a lot of value. I learned a lot of things that I just had no idea that I didn't even know."

~Steve Ferger, Envisage Financial Planning

You know, it's, it's been really good. It's helped me sort of focus in And narrow in on some things. And I've still got a lot of work to do. But it's, it's really been extremely helpful." 

~Quinten Smith, Mitchell Hockenbur

Some places you might have seen us

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We will meet at 11 am Pacific time for 30 minutes for 3 days.

That's It!

When we meet, we'll ask you the critical questions.  When we're done, we're done.

Jake Wagner, CDMP will highlight what is important to know for each element of your style guide. 

Your job is to brainstorm and document your thoughts in a workbook during the presentation.

This class will help you

Get on the same page with your TEAM

You need to join this challenge if you:

  • Have a master document to get your freelancers started with the details they need to do great work.
  • Want to have an easier time easier knowing what to say next on social media
  • Want your communication to be more clear with your team on your digital brand.
  • Save time when working on your branding by documenting your standards.
  • Want to use our process to gain more internal understanding of their firm and make it easier to communicate those values

Since this CHALLENGE is about taking ACTION, the group will be archived 1 week after we're done.


We will meet on October 26th for 30 minutes each day.

Classes will be held on Zoom


Brand logos, icons, and images guidelines

Choose your fonts and colors wisely


Let's clarify your purpose, mision, and vision


Define your firm style and philosophy

WHY we teach marketing to CFP® Pros

The purpose of the 4FP Agency is to help everyone receive adequate financial advice. We accomplish this mission by helping financial planners find better clients and reach broader audiences.

Together we will make the greatest impact on improving most people's relationships with money.

We focus on the person and try to not think of them as "leads." Whether this is a financial planner who might work with us or when we implement this process for our clients.

We think about business as H2H first and foremost.

We want to attract the best prospects for our clients. You know the ones, the ones where you get a smile on your face 5 minutes before the meeting starts. The ones who "get it."

We do this by automating the know, like and trust process through effective digital marketing strategy and automation techniques. We use these strategies to find and attract the people you like to work with the most.

We bridge the gap between your tech needs and the six-step financial planning model taught by the CFP Board. We use tried and tested digital marketing programs to dial in your business’s potential. RIAs who work with us create an engaging high tech / high touch experience for you and your clients. Our solutions enrich your firm’s online presence and support you and improve your bottom line with contemporary digital marketing strategies.

FEW TALK ABOUT HOW TO utIlize Marketing in a way that advances the CFP® Profession

We understand the need for fiduciaries like you in the world. We see the need to bring excellent financial advice and financial literacy to the world.

We are here to help you accomplish your purpose.

  • Our approach works from the outside in and focuses on you attracting your ideal client.
  • We have interviewed members of the CFP® community to design and refine this course.
  • We believe that financial planning is the most important profession of the 21st century.


If you’re a fee-only CFP® Pro in 2021 you need to focus on these three things to improve your firm's swagger.

Get your team on the same page

This challenge will help you share your intended purpose for the company clearly so they stay motivated and on task to helping you achieve that goal.

identify key brand tenets

Having all your brand guidelines and core values in one place will help people support you more easily.

save you time

It'll even save you the time you might spend writing it all out to each person individually, worrying that you'll forget something.


My guarantee to you is that we will help you get your marketing looking great.

We also want you to feel comfortable asking questions (even if you're not entirely sure what the question is). We are here to be your guiding light during this tricky process.

We will be available to answer any questions you have throughout the challenge via email or the Facebook group. Please don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.


Prizes for action takers!!!

We'll Give away PRIZES for people completing the work on the LIVE calls

  • Paper copies of Financial Planning 3.0 signed by Jake Wagner (Valued at $35 + shipping)
  • Three months of ComConnect File Sync for FREE!!! (Valued at $75)
  • Enrollment in our Digital Marketing for Nutshells class (Valued at $1197)
  • And more to be announced


Jake has worked for several RIAs throughout his career. As a long standing member of the Nazrudin community, he has been listening and learning from the leaders of the financial planning profession since 1999.

This has instilled him with a sense of stewardship to help as many people receive financial advice. To accomplish this he decided that his energy would be best spent by helping financial planners attract their ideal clients.

He has been listening to the needs and concerns of the financial planning community throughout his professional career. He brings the knowledge he acquired from these companies to his current clients. His first online advisor training program was wile he was the manager of Community Relations for the online Registered Investment Advisor Myfinancialadvice in a project called Online Advisor Central.

In 2013 Jake started Wagner Communication Systems. It was easy to see how difficult the internet and software landscape can be for Certified Financial Planners™. He established the firm to help CFP® Professionals by coaching and implementing the best compliant digital marketing strategies available. After working under the Wagner Communication Systems banner for 2 years Jake started the Digital Marketing 4FP podcast and in May of 2017 he rebranded his firm to Digital Marketing 4FP, LLC.


We believe in our work and we believe in you. We will refund your tuition if you decide to quit the course before completing the first two classes.